ICD-10/11 Collections in OCL?


Hi @jamlung & @paynejd - I’m hearing increasing requests for us to include all ICD-10 or 11 diagnosis codes in our O3 RefApp. There are some situations where groups want a specific, limited list of these codes; however, there are other groups who don’t really care and just want the whole thing - or at least, having the whole ICD-10/11 kit would save us/them the time trying to weed-out what they want/don’t want. This is because when we try to add diagnoses manually it just takes a lot of time. Have been trying to do this with an org and after a list of almost 100 concept requests we’re now realizing, hey, it would be nice if we could just grab the whole collection and be done with it.

I found the ICD-10 source codes: https://app.openconceptlab.org/#/orgs/WHO/sources/ICD-10-WHO/

But ideally there would be a collection I could export and leverage in OpenMRS. (@dkayiwa do you know, should it just work if I try to export a whole Source? Or does the OCL Module require a Collection? And, are there any performance concerns the higher the # of terminology codes in the EMR? e.g. @ball or @mksrom have you ever run into issues related to a very large # of concepts?)

You can do either a Collection or Source.

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Grace, I think that it makes sense to have these as Sources in OCL. I really don’t like loading them into OpenMRS for many reasons which I have often described in other talk messages. ICD-10 is not user friendly and has concepts such as “OTHER …” which are classifications and not actual things that patients have in their record. That is why CIEL has chosen to select the concepts relevant for care and provides (and UPDATES) maps to SNOMED, ICD-10, etc. As for ICD-11, it is not used much anywhere, is not a clinical terminology and requires post-coordination (like SNOMED) so it is not sufficient to simply provide all the codes in a single place. The ICD-11 API does allow for user-enabled post-coordination, but this is not compatible with the OpenMRS model currently.

I would be happy to address any missing codes (that are needed for specific use cases) or talk directly to people making these requests to understand or communicate the challenges with doing so.

@grace The ICD-10 source you linked should be up to date in OCL. Assuming that you can reasonably import that source into OpenMRS via the OCL module, then I think you should be good to go? Alternatively, it is certainly possible to create a collection made up of all ICD-10 concepts. That’s an easy thing to do, if you want to take that route.

Regarding ICD-11, I don’t think we currently have plans to directly load that content into OCL. The long term goal is to connect OCL to their ICD-API so that they can host and manage ICD-11, which would maintain a better connection between ICD-11 users and the content.

If we start with ICD-10 for now, will that be sufficient? Or are you thinking that ICD-11 content needs to be available immediately to meet the needs of users?