I want to pull ICD 10 code and Deseases when search from input form

Please if anyone knows how to go about this, kindly advise.

If i understand well , do you want to constrain answers from an autocomplete field to a given set of Diseases (concepts) that maps only to ICD 10 codes ??

you would have to build a custom concept Set that contains all the concepts you want that maps to ICD 10 codes , an example ,i created such a set here using the OpenMRS API ,

and then use that custom Concept set in your html form

< obs conceptId = “1234” answerConceptSetIds = “345,” style = “autocomplete” />

Thank you Mr. Moses for your prompt response. just like you rightly mentioned, I want to create a set that is mapped to all ICD 10 diseases such that I can search and choose the cause of death or diagnosis.

But my greatest challenge now is how to create concepts for all the diseases in ICD.

You can enlighten me more on this than you sir.

the easiest way would be to build the set via the API in acustom module, it will be too painfull doing it manually via the GUI, and youre more likely to make a mistake.

you can take a quick look at this code here , in my case it was even more complicated because we wanted to constrain to Diagnoses that map to ICD 10 codes in the range of C00.0 - C99.9

Another Option would be Using OCL to easily build such a set but it looks like its still WIP

Do you really want to bring back all ICD-10 codes? I would doubt that any clinician would want to search across all of the codes. Also, ICD-10 is a classification and not clinical. CIEL contains 37,810 concepts mapped to ICD-10-WHO. If there is a requirement to have a superset of all diagnoses/problems which have ICD-10 codes we could create that in OCL (which is operational now). You can currently see what is in CIEL mapped to ICD-10 by going to: OCL and then set the filter: image

I think there is also a parameter on search which allows you to search for “diagnoses” or “finding” although that would not guarantee an ICD-10 code although CIEL has 38,814 concepts with either of those classes (so most do have an ICD-10 code)

You committing back to the concept objet at openmrs-module-uci/CreateDiagnosisConcepts.java at master · UCI-BAHMNI/openmrs-module-uci · GitHub, does it mean you are changing the dictionary contents? what if the new dictionary is released will you still be at par with it?

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I simply create a new Consept set , and add set members to it that meet the criteria.

when a new Dictionary is released , i simply re-run the module and it re-creates my custom set with the updated concepts.

Note that am simply searching existing concepts that map to a given source and code , and add them to a custom concept set.

so am really not making any changes to the dictionary