I want to add my new Module to the openmrs module Repository

ihave created a module that add face images to patients. unlike the patients image module, this can return a list of all the faces in a jquery table and can be accesed from both the Admin List and patients Dashbord. can i please get clear steps on how to go about it?

@tendomart @dkayiwa @irenyak1

Hi @mozzy , check this out for info on how to publish your module. If you get stuck somewhere, do let me know :slight_smile: .

thx @reubenv according to the doc i read, am supposed to find a button add module on the module repository page but i cant see it there .

another issue, ive personaly not used Binntray,… is it possible now that instead of uing bintray , i use githubb?

Just in case you need this: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Module+Release