I have failed to download and install SDK so what is the problem yet I have followed all the steps

(Need assistance)Failing to install OpenMRS SDK 2019-01 - Hello community, need some help on how i can properly install the OpenMRS sdk. Am using 64 bit OS, jdk 1.8,maven 3.6.0 and mysql 5.7 but when i run the the for installing the openmrs sdk in this li…

Hi @musakizito, please share the logs on https://pastebin.com/

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what steps of installation have you followed,could you also add the link you are using here


follow the steps here OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki to setup the sdk

I would like to send for me that link where there is that step number seven coz the link which I have that step is not there that step 7 is in the open Mrs university video

Hope this link could guide you Tickets - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki