I have accepted a new position

Hi all,

It’s with bittersweet emotions for me to say that I’ve accepted a new position with another company here in Indianapolis, It’s been a great 9yrs working alongside all of you. I still loved my role but I feel like I am at a point in my career where I want to take on new challenges of course alongside OpenMRS, it just won’t be my primary focus but I will still be concerned, working on OpenMRS wasn’t like a job to me but a opportunity to serve others.

When I joined the community, I recall I could barely spell diabitis nor chimotharapy and I still can’t but I have learnt many new things and terms that I can now spell, I strongly believe OpenMRS is in good hands with all of you.

I will miss everyone and will definitely miss being at the upcoming OpenMRS summit.

Paul, don’t stop being a great leader and believing in all people.

Burke, I will miss your awesome design skills, jokes and making me delusional to think that I’m some sort of genius :grinning: ooh, how I wish I was.

Darius, Daniel, Rafal, Seaton, Mark, …, the list can quickly grow very long and become a memory guzzler, thank you for putting up with my somewhat wacky ideas or code on a couple of occasions, I wish I could package and install all of you into a debugger to take to my new job.

For me, this is not goodbye but rather, see you on the other side, I intend to stay involved as we continue to strive to provide quality health care to the underserved.




Thanks for all your contributions @wyclif, and good luck with the new position!

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@wyclif, congratulations on your new position! Are you able to share more about what it is? I hope that “stay involved” means that we can count on you remaining part of our community. You will be sorely missed with the day-to-day activities, but I am so happy to have met you and look forward to some form of future collaboration :slight_smile:

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You are quite a Java guru though. And like @akanter I really hope that you will at least stick around to provide directions on the most tricky design questions. Your OpenMRS knowledge is invaluable.

All the best to you in what’s coming next! Thanks for everything you’ve done, all that work of yours is having an impact every day in our implementations.

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@wyclif It has been a great pleasure getting to know you over the years and working with you in OpenMRS. Like others here, I really do hope we continue to see you around the community. All the best in your next adventure!

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u’ve been so great a technical resource @wyclif, am very sure we will miss you in so many things like conferences etc. am glad OpenMRS is beyond a periodical engagement, it’s a community where one can engage in many things without even being directly employed here. we hope to hear more from you when we ping or need you.

WYCLIF!!! It’s been a pleasure to know you and work together. I have always appreciated your positive energy. All the best to you, but don’t stray far from the community.

It has been a pleasure working with you. Thanks very much for mentoring me as a scrum manager and I promise to strive for greater heights in openmrs and coding at large.

well done @wyclif ,thanks for changing lives through openmrs

Hi Wyclif,

Many thanks for your work, all the valuable input under our pull requests and wising you great success on your new position.


@wyclif got a little emotional.But hey thanks alot for the awesome contribution to the community and to me personally.Hope your away, won’t block us from collaborating and associating.God bless

@wyclif - the community will miss having your full attention each and every day, but we know that you will remain involved with our mission for long years to come. Best of luck and congratulations on the next phase of your career.

@wyclif–so sorry to hear! It’s been a long journey… I remember first meeting you in Indy about 8 years ago when Mike, Darius and I came out…

Thanks for all the hard work… and good luck at the job, though I won’t say goodbye since I know we will still be seeing you around! :slight_smile:

Take care, Mark

Thanks everyone for the kind words, I can assure you that I’m still a part of this community.

Actually @ball and Ada taught me a lot of the medical terminology.

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Congratulation @wyclif for the new step, i met you first time in Uganda and we had a great sharing. Take care and good luck.

Waoooo!!. We will miss you @wyclif. Keep up the good work

@wyclif Oh we shall really miss you, thank you for all your help and support in over the years and wish you the best in the new position.

Do let us know when u come home for the holidays, a home cooked meal and working desk for your vacation is always available :wink:

Best of luck Wycliff, we will miss you!


Congratulation @wyclif on your new position, it was great associating with you here and your great technical help you offered me especially when i had taken on the release manager responsibility. Ofcourse i cant forget the moments during the implementers summit of 2016 (even though i missed taking a picture with you) . I hope we meet in the near future… Thank you :slightly_frowning_face:

Dear @wyclif congratulations upon your new position. I can say you have touched many lives in the OPenmrs community. Thank you so much for mentoring me as a Release Manager Platform 2.1.2. When I took up the role I must say I was so green about the whole thing but you mentored me and surely I was able to do it. I can say it is a missed opportunity for me to meet you as I thought I would at the forthcoming Implementers conference in Nairobi. All in all I believe you will still serve people wherever you will be. Blessings. Thank you so much :slight_smile: