I faced an issue of Unable to adjust RunTimePropertiesFile to disallow world to read it

Could someone help me with this issue ?

https://pastebin.com/Cgh4mWKi This is the issue

-Ensure your mysql is installed and running.

-Ensure in your runtime-property file, you have right User ( root by default) and corresponding password to what you set in mysql. What is the version of your mysql

Hi sharif,

yes My mysql is installed and running properly Yes my Default user is root and also I am inserting the correct password I am using mysql version 5.6.48 Can you Please tell me how to solve that error ?

Can somebody Please help me with this Issue. I dont know what’s going wrong. If you need any more information feel free to ask me.


drop your current openmrs database and repeat the steps of installation again

Hope you following this link Here. If you are running openmrs-sdk -server, Go to the directory ,C:\Users\YourName\openmrs\servers, can you share your server directory. . if at all you are trying to run openmrs-sdk -server

The first time when i ran the Simple installation then only 2 tasks were completed : Created database openmrs Created user openmrs_user

So i uninstalled and installed the mysql again when I ran the Simple installation the second time then I connected with database from the database tab in Mysql So I was connected with Mysql@ With this my 4-5 tasks were completed properly as mentioned in the above image. But I was getting the unable to adjust RuntimePropertiesFile to disallow world to read it issue.

I would again try to dump and try to start again as you suggested

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