I don't know how to tackle "The Travis CI build failed"

I am facing some problem with My PR approval

The Travis CI build failed

which I have never experienced before (maybe its with redux) Can Anyone help me with this

Basing on the travis ci error log, the is a test failure on apps/concepts/pages/tests/e2e/CreateOrEditConceptPage.test.ts Does the test pass locally before making the pull request?

@nkumar The failure is in one of the Cypress tests which you can see in the Travis build log (to get to the Travis build log, you should click on the “Details” link).

Notice that the log has this message:

This element <button.MuiButtonBase-root.MuiFab-root.fab.MuiFab-primary> is not visible because it has CSS property: position: fixed and it’s being covered by another element:

Which explains the issue. The e2e test is trying to click on a button, but that button is not visible on the page.

This occurs if you open the OCL app and go to view a custom concept (one created for your own dictionary), then click the edit button, and then the submit button. In the version of the OCL client running on openmrs.qa.openconceptlab.org, I get back to the same view concept screen with an edit button:

But with your changes I get this button instead:

Which shouldn’t be on this screen.