I can't set up my dev env for openmrs core

I cloned openmrs core repository and i tried to run the tests and some of them failed. I tried to switch to Java 8 and Java 11 but none of these worked. Did somebody have this problem?

Could you share the error logs?

@alinmihaila99 as you share the error logs, have you come across this https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/Setting+Up+a+Development+Environment+for+OpenMRS+2.x

When I try to run the tests I have 2 tests that fail. Those are:

@alinmihaila99 seems there is a problem with the configuration of the beans u can also have a look at this OpenMRS won't start

Can you share the full log?

I tried this time to run the tests from command line using mvn clean install and all tests passed. I dont know why from IntelIJ the tests failed, but i think there is a problem with maven from IntelIJ

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