I can't find the admin feature to add a form to the Patient Dashboard UI

I am in the process of configuring my Reference Application Installation, after having installed (what I think are) all the necessary modules.

I can make forms, but when following the instructions in: Configure Metadata: Manage Forms - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

I can’t follow "Step 2) Publish your form:

Click Configure Metadata>Manage Forms"

because there is no UI column in the list of forms, so I get no “Add” button which allows me to add it to the Patient Dashboard.

Am I missing a UI module that supports altering the Dashboard? Or is there a new way to assign forms to the Patient Dashboard?

Please give me some clues as to how to add forms to the UI…

Thanks, Keith

For reference, these are the modules that are installed and running, all from ZIP file associated with the Reference Application :

Name Version
Serialization Xstream 0.2.14
Registration Core Module 1.10.0
Reporting 1.21.0
Metadata Sharing 1.7.0
ID Generation 4.6.0
Event Module 2.8.0
Core Apps Module 1.31.0
EMR API Module 1.30.0
Provider Management Module 2.12.0
FHIR2 1.1.0
Calculation 1.2.1
App Framework Module 2.16.0
Open Web Apps Module 1.12.0
Metadata Mapping 1.3.5
FHIR Module [Not Started] 1.20.0
HTML Form Entry 4.0.0
UI Commons Module 2.15.0
App UI Module 1.13.0
Rest Web Services OMOD
OpenMRS UI Framework 3.19.0
Legacy UI Module 1.8.0
HTML Widgets 1.10.0
UI Library Module 2.0.6

Have you fulfilled the prerequisites by creating an htmlform or xform?

And i also do not see the adminui module.

You first need to create a form Under ManageHTMLFORM on administrationPage to be able to reflect add button on manageForm under configure metadata, this might be of help HTML Form Entry Module - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Thanks very much! I’ll try this tomorrow, it’s dinner time for me now :wink:

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