I cannot view my forms on patient formentry after OpenMRS upgrade

Hi everyone? I have upgraded Openmrs 2.0.6 to 2.3.2 and add reference application 2.10. After the upgrade I cannot see my customized forms on patient formentry I can only see openmrs basic forms. But I can see my forms on Forms on Administration page. How can I view my forms on patient formentry?

Are your forms still well configured still, do you have some errors they could be returning after trying to access

They are well configured and i do not get error accessing them because i cannot see them on patient formentry tab.

How about trying to access them on clinicianPatientDashboardPage

With administrator account i believe I was supposed to see them. I have try to view them on legacyiu

Its tricky i cant tell exactly whats happening can you provide atleast a screen shot where you happen to find your form and they are not accessible

Here is where I can see them and can’t see the forms.