I cannot start my server

Hi, i do not know how to solve it when i start the server here is the error that i get, please really need your help!!!

Just yesterday everything was working fine.

@ornella are you running the command as a root user?

@kdaud yes i did

What happens when start the server as a normal user?

Could you re-run the command with -X at the end?

@kdaud as a normal user still fail when i run using the -X at the end here is what i get

It looks like you wrote - X with a space instead of -X (without a space).

yes now i run without the space

Any way you can create a Pastebin with the full contents of everything written to the terminal? It’s hard to see what the error is from the screenshot…

@ibacher sorry for the delay here is the pastebin Apache Maven 3.6.0Maven home: /usr/share/mavenJava version: 1.8.0_352, vendo - Pastebin.com

The Error: “Execution default-cli of goal org.openmrs.maven.plugins:openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin:4.5.0:run failed” please need help to make it start, is someone faced this error?

Alright, from the exception you’re getting, it seems like you have a server but the openmrs-server.properties file doesn’t have a server.id property. Could you please provide some details on how you created this server? If you followed the standard instructions (running the mvn openmrs-sdk:setup wizard) this basically can’t happen…

@ibacher i followed the steps described here My experience with setting up openMRS | by Bawantha Rathnayaka | Medium

Could you try deleting the server you setup (mvn openmrs-sdk:delete) and then running through the steps there again?

@ibacher yes It is possible to reinstall another server(i have done already) but i would like to make this server run because i have started already recording the patients data

In that case, edit the openmrs-server.properties file and fill in the server.id property. It should be whatever string you pass into -DserverId=... when starting the server.

@ibacher here is what i have in the server properties

Ummm… Oh… You probably need a lot more than that. I would almost certainly try creating a new server, copying the openmrs-server.properties file from there and making the relevant changes. Without that configuration, the SDK doesn’t know what to do… It should have generated a file with much more data in it…

@ibacher i copied from another a paste and see it may start, still nothing.

thank you@ibacher, i Solved it. I did what you said i copied from another server and i took the exact versions in openmrs-distro.properties and paste it in openmrs-server.properties. It works now