I cannot create a concept set for a Disposition tab in OpenMRS.

Application Name: I am trying to use Bahmni for implementing InPatient module.

Version Number: Bahmni version is 0.90

Question: I tried to configure InPatient module by creating Disposition concept set and the Admit Patient and ** Discharge Patient** as answers of the Disposition concept set. But I am not able to create. It shows the message as saying that the specified name for concept set already exists. But I am not able to find the Disposition concept set searching in the Viewing Concept Module. Could anyone please help me out.

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Can you try the following:

  1. Go to /openmrs and login as admin.
  2. search in dictionary - Disposition Set -> within it ‘Disposition’ (there should be only one) -> check its members. If there are more than 2 ‘Discharge Patient’ concept, then select one of them (the one that last created) and remove that from the “disposition” member list.


  1. Rebuild your search index - /openmrs => admin => maintenance / search index"

Hello. Disposition dropdown in bahmni is showing only one option (Admit Patient) whereas in my disposition concept I have Discharge Patient, Transfer Patient.