I am unable to download openjdk 8

Dear friendly community,

My name is Amos Alimpa, i am fresh to open source and so OpenMRS. I tried to download openjdk 8 but all attempts were fruitless!! I watched a related video from wiki.openMRS but the tutor’s guidelines link gave me JDK 12, 13 & 14. More worse on, was that the results i was getting were totally different from his. Downloading was not passing through the steps his was taking more so.

Anyone with an appropriate help? You’re highly welcome.

Kind plea to all. @mozzy, @jwnasambu, @ruhanga, @herbert24, …
Thanks Big. :clap:

Oh sorry about it. Hope you are following this link https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Step+by+Step+Installation+for+Developers as a guide. Kindly confirm the type of operating system and whether your machine is running on 32 or 64bits before downloading any software.

Your response is welcome a million times. Let me try the above given

I am using Windows 10, as my OS, 64bits. Thanks.

Search for jdk 8 download for windows 10, 64 bit. Its free for download. you can follow this video too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiloSFKhrIY

You can download JDK 8 from RedHat, https://developers.redhat.com/products/openjdk/download. I believe Oracle too has JDK 8 available for download for windows.

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@amosalimpa are you still blocked on this??

Are you still blocked @amosalimpa

Thank you all for being helpful and concerned to my challenge @jwnasambu, @captaindavinci, @herbert24, @sharif, to mention…
Dear @sharif that is what i was able to download which i doubt if it was the one expected. I used the RedHat as was directed after failing Oracle. Still according to videos i watched from the link @jwnasambu shared, the steps gave different outcomes! What could be my challenge? The screenshot of what i downloaded is attached.

Nevertheless, i respect your guidance.

Try this link https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-jdk8-downloads.html#license-lightbox, feel free to get back to us for any progress please

Sorry that link requires Oracle login account, but neverthless, lets try this https://www.filehorse.com/download-java-development-kit-64/46502/

Thanks @sharif, let me try immediately. I was late to respond to yesterday’s & previous guidance coz i was trying to figure the guidelines out before declaring them unsuccessful. Thanks for the courage. :clap:

Use the second link the first link requires you to login for oracles account, but if that doesot get all things done, just let us know

Alright. :heavy_check_mark:

Dear all, @sharif I was on the way smoothly installing jdk 8 on windows 10, Operating System, as i was following a guide on video from the link @jwnasambu shared yesterday but one. He from the start introduced his lecture as specifically for windows 10 users. But he is saying that when i RIGHT CLICK on my “windows pattern” it will bring options including “CONTROL PANEL” between Task Manager & File Explorer, which is not the case with my machine. Those with windows 10, please help me, i am looking for how to get to system variables, if there’s another way to get there, be at ease to guide me.

“knowledge is power”

Thanks, waiting patiently… :man_technologist:

the screenshot of the video tutor is shared here. check where the cursor is pointing. that is what we’re looking for. thanks big.

What are you trying to do through that vedio, the explanation above states the configuration of jdk into system environment variable, you need to have the jdk8 installed first

Basing on the screen shoot you successfully downloaded jdk 8. Kindly unzip the folder and install the software.