I am not able to do code Reviews I am dev/1


I have read and watched the OpenMRS university videos but not able to do code reviews as I do not have permission for code Reviews . Please help me with this. Revert me on telegram kapil706 or here Thanks .**

Hi @kapil706

I trust you can do review PullRequests. We don’t expect you to have write/merge privileges in the Openmrs git repo in-order to do reviews. What we actually expect of you is to just approve the pull-requests.

Thanks for clarification but As Also I am not able to approve the pull requests Please help me with this :slight_smile:

Do you have a github account?

Yes I do It Is kapil706 . kapil706

Which PR have you tried to review?

this was the PR

Assuming your on the PR page; When you click on files changed link, you will see a widget named “Review changes” It’s green in color. what happens when you click on it?

Thank you so much , Really I just forget that thing. Thanks again !! What is your GitHub profile link buddy ?? :slight_smile: slight_smile: