Hypertension management program in 2 rural communities in Haiti

Sorry to jump in here off topic, but I’m looking for someone to set up OpenMRS for our hypertension management program in 2 rural communities in Haiti. Our Haitian doctor and myself (an RN) are back and forth from the states, and our Haitian nurse and community health workers are in Haiti full time. We are currently managing patient data/charting in a google drive excel sheet. :confused: it’s clunky, but all we have for now. I’m desperately looking for someone to help us install OpenMRS. If you have any leads/ideas, please email me at empowerhaititogether■■■■■■■■■■. Mesi anpil. :slight_smile:

Hi @azriella0,

Are you looking for implementation services, or could you clarify how you envision this OpenMRS deployment to happen?

Are the patients seen in their homes, or in a clinic or other group setting? Do you expect OpenMRS to be running in the facility or via mobile device? Have you looked at ONA, or other mobile device system that uses OpenMRS as a back end?

Yes, I’m looking for implementation services. I imagine us using the app version amongst our staff/community health workers. We don’t have a physical clinic. We see patients in the communities directly. Thanks for reaching out.


It looks like you need a field data capture tool for CHW that may use OpenMRS as a backend, have you looked at @akanter’s sugestions? There is also

Or would it be an acceptable workflow for your CHWs to do retrospective data entry when they are back in the vicinity of the OpenMRS server?

Hi Dimitri,

It will be primarily myself, our Haitian doctor, and Haitian nurse (all of us bilingual) that will be using the EMR. Do you know someone I can hire to set up OpenMRS for us?


Hi Andrew,

The patients are seen at a central location in their villages. It will be primarily myself, our Haitian doctor, and our Haitian nurse that will be entering data into the system (all of us bilingual). We just need the mobile version for the field, and I can have the database server on my home computer in the states. Do you know someone I can hire to get this program set up for us?


Hi @azriella0,

You haven’t really said whether any of the solutions mentioned above in this thread might be considered.

The choice of the solution for your CHWs will orient which service providers might be able to support your implementation.

To the list I would add Bahmni Connect.

I would also add that your setup is not straightforward, especially given the fact that the synchronisation to the main server would only happen once back in the US. This makes offline sessions potentially pretty long and increases the probable occurences of sync issues.