Hyperlink error on https://id.openmrs.org/

Going to https://id.openmrs.org/ Then clicking on the Issue tracker present on the 2nd line leads to https://issues.opennrs.org/ instead of open"m"rs Please rectify the above typo

Actually that is where it is supposed to lead you. That is the url to the issues. :slight_smile:

You’re missing the difference between “n” and “m”. It is a typo .It should lead to isssues.openmrs but it leads to issues.opennrs

Do you mean the link with this text? “JIRA Issue Tracking”

Hum, I couldn’t find the wrong link… Can you take a printscreen and show exactly which one is wrong please? :slight_smile:

Click on that “Issue Tracker” I am pointing to. Its hyperlink is not redirected to the right page. Click and see it for yourself.

Oh, I see the screenshot! My openmrs ID doesn’t have that line, most likely because I’ve already have access to JIRA and confluence.

@r0bby do you know if this is configurable or something that is hardcoded?

I hardcoded that. Fixing it…i can’t believe nobody caught it…

Fix deployed as 2.0.7 – I’m shocked this took so long to notice…wow…sorry about this.

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Thanks @r0bby :smile:

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