Hello, I am continuing with my learning journey here, and ready to take on my first Ticket. Have picked up this Ticket [RA-1958] Save Timezone information when having only 1 location asssociated - OpenMRS Issues to begin with, but reading through the comments, there seems to have been a PR for it already but later reverted. Needed guidance on how to go about this, and why the previous PR was reverted…

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Also getting this Error (Pastbin) while trying to open the Module on GitPod

This could be a java version issue…Could you confirm the version of gitpod?

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Hello @wodpachua thank you for picking interest in working on tickets. I would say the first step for working on tickets is to reproduce the error whether its ui related or logic related. Once you have appreciated the actual bug then you can move ahead to claim the ticket and start investigating how to fix it. Note also that the issue might be on a specific version of OpenMRS sometimes.

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Thank you for responding @reagan meant @reagan I don’t know if you mean the Gitpod version or Java version installed on gitpod, but gitpod has an already pre-installed java version 11. Does that pose a problem? Because I had simply used the gitpod button, since my internet here is crazy at times when cloning to my local machine.

Thank you for the insights @reagan

@wodpachua Openmrs has two versions 2.x and 3.o. The ticket you are fixing is under RefApp 2.x line. To reproduce the error, use the QA server on this link Login. On development you need an SDK local server to watch your changes.(if gitpod works for you well and good. I have never used it before and so I have nothing to talk about it).

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Thank you very much @jwnasambu for this, I was still trying to figure how to do this… let me this out…