HTTP Status 500 - request processing failed

hello everyone… can someone help me please with this?..

The tests with maven have succeeded but every time i install this on my openmrs server i have this error. Is there not a way to see the results of the modules on eclipse? I always have to upload the omod on openmrs to test.

@dlector Which module is this?

@dlector Which module is this? [/quote]

@dlector And which of the module are u running?

@haripriya @gcliff the basicexample … it provide all users of the database, I modified it to have all the patients…

u always have to upload a compiled OMOD file of your on openmrs in order to test and view the changes u have made in your module …

have u had a look at this

I saw this.

It is the indications of this book that I followed to have the module basicexample. I was expecting to have etc… by running the command mvn openmrs-sdk: create-project.

So mvn openmrs-sdk: create-project gives us the basic structure for modules, and an example of modification…
When i execute this command mvn openmrs-sdk: create-project i have the basic module structure , when i upload this on openmrs i got the list of all users of the system ,I thought replacing User by patient for example instead of having, I had import org.openmrs.Patient; instead of having UserService, i had PatientService. I thought it was going to work and give me the list of patients

to get a list of existing patients in the openmrs database u run

Collection patients = Context.getPatientService().getAllPatients();

u had to change the module name to the name that u prefer, it wont change automatically, have u done the configurations in these files for your module?

u can also have a look at this

thanks @gcliff