HTTP Status 500 – Internal Server Error while running on DHIS run report section

Hi all.I am trying to run DHIS run report the dev environment from past days. am getting the following error while running on DHIS run report section

any help will be appreciated please let me know

view this is full log :- org.springframework.web.util.NestedServletException: Handler processing... - 8aa6ad7d

ensure you have internet connectivity and configured a right dhis2 instance

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yeah i am connect my local demo dhis2 instance

did you succeed after checking your configurations?

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no same error

are you getting the dhis organisation unit select initialised on the mappings page? can you share your mappings page or else export your dhis2 api so i can take a look

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export dhis2 Api view

You are missing the api cached into your local instance. you need to tag send create mapping page too and the entire logs