HTTP Status 500 - Could not open Hibernate Session for transaction

Hello, I am using referenceapplication, when I am trying to sign out I got this error.

HTTP Status 500 - Could not open Hibernate Session for transaction; nested exception is org.hibernate.service.UnknownServiceException: Unknown service requested [org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.connections.spi.ConnectionProvider]

Do you mind sharing the full log at

Thanks for the reply, here is the full log

Can you share the full log from the log file?

Here is

Which version of Java do you have installed?


Which exact version of the reference application are you running?

I have installed reference application 2.8.0

Hello, I have noticed one this that If I stopped Reference Metadata Module and Reference Demo Data Module Then I can sign out without any error. Would like to help me why is this happening

Can you share the exact steps to reproduce? Right from downloading, unzipping, to which option you chose on the first setup screen.

Thanks I figured it out, Issue has been solved.

@dkayiwa I am getting the same kind of error on

changes made are removed reference application module and added one from my PC, along with added LBAC module and updated the App UI module.

Are you able to reproduce it locally?

No, I don’t only getting on Now I am getting