HtmlFormEntry and Cohort Module

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The GoSC project Cohort Module now needs some way of allowing data entry for cohort related encounters and obs to custom tables (cohort). Instead of doing a lot work for allowing dynamic forms for cohorts and encounters we want to use extensive functionality provided by HtmlFormEntry module. It already allows to add html forms to Custom pages and that can be dealt easily. But wanted to get expert opinion on adding tags or extending module classes for cohorts, cohorts attributes, and cohort encounters and obs. Rightnow the approach is to extend HtmlFormEntry (and any related) classes and add cohort and cohort obs to it. For now it would be very basic and in future we can add up any thing to it.

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Sorry for not replying to this earlier. This would be worth discussing synchronously on a design call with @mogoodrich if possible.

Whatever approach, it’s going to involve a lot of work, so I do suggest making sure that all of the basic functionality to do with cohorts is solid. I would also recommend adding REST web services for cohort encounters and obs, etc, first, before you add a dynamic form entry tool.

So, HTML Form Entry is currently hardcoded around the idea of creating one encounter for one patient. It may be possible to work around this (I’m assuming you might want a form that is purely about the household, and doesn’t create an encounter for any one patient). If you can live with the idea of having the form create an encounter for one patient, in addition to the cohort encounter and cohort obs, things will be easier. You could create custom tags like <cohortEncounter> and <cohortObs>, which would copy a lot of the code from the <obs> tag.

An alternative to start yet another dynamic form technology that follows the idea of HFE, but is more flexible in how it handles data. :smile:

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