HTML - Webform - FHIR?


i have set up a html page, where a patient can enter, via a HTML-Form, his basic data and his illness history. Is it possible to send this data to OpenMRS, so that it is saved there and accessable in OpenMRS. How could i do it, would be an Excel-Import good, or is there a possibility using FHIR/HL7?

Thank you!

c.c: @mozzy

We currently have a v1 of a FHIR module for exposing data via FHIR, but the FHIR squad has recently decided to create a new module to replace it. Maybe @ibacher @pmanko and @ccwhite23 can point you to the right documentation about where that is going.

The FHIR API probably isn’t where you need it to be right now (we’re working on it though!). OpenMRS does have a REST interface that might be useful for importing the data. A lot of this depends, though, on what data you want to capture and how you want to store it in OpenMRS.