HTML Form Entry - show only Time without date also hiding Seconds

Hi team,

Is there a way to show only time in html form entry ?

Looked into this

and saw that there is a way to hide seconds …however want also to hide the date …section

here is my obs tag

<obs id="time" conceptId="3fd05451-ea4d-41cc-b26c-9a4c96add027" allowTime="true" hideSeconds="true"/>

cc @dkayiwa @sharif @ball

The attribute/feature to show a time for a datetime concept does not exist. Feel free to create a ticket and add the code.

PIH doesn’t have a use case for this, but likely others do.

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Hello @jonathan . Are you in position to create a ticket for this ?, Do you btw still need this ?

Oh yes @sharif however feel free to create a ticket you can assign me or Work on it at anytime been sorting out some priorty tasks but can look in this by this Friday or Sunday

Hey @sharif got a quick way on this … What have done is :

To Update the concept datatype to Time provides some thing like this

also a note Am also using bootstrap which attaches some designing


This however does not hide the seconds though in my instance this is okay for me now

cc @ball @sharif

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