Application Name: standalone openmrs Version Number: 2.5

Question: I am working on html entry form.I want to ask Is this possible to call html entry form through Rest API.I created some basic form in openmrs.Now I want to fetch these form through Rest API.Is this possible through Rest API.If any example please refer’s. Thanks

I have not seen this before. But i think it would be pretty easy to add this functionality. Do you wanna take it on?

Yes I will try.How can this functionality will be added.

Start by creating a ticket for the HTML Form Entry Module JIRA project. Then we shall curate and make it ready for you to start working on it.

Ok Thanks I will do this right now.

Is this link doing the same thing for which I am asking.Kindly look at these.

They do their own forms different from those provided by the OpenMRS HTML Form Entry module.

Kindly provide the instruction link for creating ticket for html entry form Rest API.So I create ticket for this. Thanks for helps.

I already gave it: When creating it, choose the html form entry module project.

Naveed, I don’t understand exactly what you mean by using HFE via REST. Can you clarify?

-Darius (by phone)

I want to get back html form via Rest API.For example I created a simple basic form for Patient Admission.Now I want to populate it through Rest API.But don’t know it’s Rest API.How I can get back that form through Rest API.

I created this form.Now I want to get it back through Rest API.Kindly If you have any related example please refer.

I already have openmrs ID. I am having issues while login.When I try to create signup issues for this website.If possible kindly post the ticket,otherwise give me some other.I searched a lot but didn’t get any useful.