HTML Form Entry Module and REST

This would be very valuable… I don’t know if I will have time to “offiically” mentor but keep in the loop and I will hopefully be able to do some initial design work as the project approaches.

Take care, Mark


Thanks @mogoodrich, will keep you in the loop as things progress. Otherwise, it could be valuable to have you listed as the backup mentor, if your schedule allows.

Generally the backup mentor doesn’t have much of a time commitment, but I don’t know if I’d have the time to fill in as the primary mentor if the primary ends up being unavailable, so I guess that means I shouldn’t be the backup? :slight_smile:

Good point, thanks :slight_smile:

As primary mentor, I will be able to spend 4-8 hours a week. Not sure if that’s sufficient.

I don’t remember 100%, but I think 4 hours is the required commitment.

@owais.hussain That sounds (more than) sufficient, the expectation for mentors is a minimum of 4 hours a week, and there’s usually support from other mentors when needed.

Hello @owais.hussain, i am interested to work on this feature. i believe now all the form fields are sent to the backend when the form is submitted. What i understand is we need to create a CRUD endpoints which can be accessible from any where. and we are talking about this , am i right? also about the use case of html-form-entry: i think it might be helpful if someone wants to enter patient details some other way rather than by just simply using the Reference application ui, did i get it right?

Hi Piyush,

Glad to know you’re interested in this project.

You’re right. The objective is to make this module to be made usable RESTfully, and build an Open Web App as proof of concept. To get a technical overview, please visit here.

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@owais.hussain @danfuterman @piyush9620 Hi I am interested in contributing to this project at GSOC 2018, Could you please give me some tips to get me started… Thanks

Hi @madushan, as mentioned above you should start with understanding what the requirement is. Please read about the existing HTML Form entry module on the openmrs wiki to get acquainted.

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@piyush9620Thanks for your tips. I will begin with reading the wiki.

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Hello @owais.hussain I found this project quite interesting as I’ve worked on something like this before, where I’ve populated the HTML forms using a REST based Web Service. What I understood from the Wiki and the links shared above with regards to HTML forms is that here we need to capture the data from the Form and pass it on RESTfully. Am I right?

Hi @madushan, @nitish1211, glad to know that you’re interested in this project. Since we have some time before official kick off, I would suggest you to explore OpenMRS wiki, especially HTML Form Entry module and familiarize yourself with OpenMRS platform.

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@owais.hussain Ok I will follow these steps and get me started. I guess there is no GSOC thread created for this particular module this year. Shall I create one? Thanks.

I thought @danfuterman intensions was to use this thread for that purpose?

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@madushan For consistency, I’d suggest starting a new topic in the #community:gsoc category, following the guidelines for interested students:

You can always link back or quote from this topic if there are relevant points to include in the new thread.

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@danfuterman I created the topic. GSoC 2018-HTML Form Entry Module and REST

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Am working on a task and would love to know if there is a REST end-point that returns a HTML form entry’s html. Any leads?

Do we have any update on this for forming rest end points to update forms?