HTML Form Entry History

Most implementations are extensively using the Html Form entry module for their data entry into OpenMRS, there doesn’t seem to be a historical based way to retrieve when the form was last used to do data entry and re-populate it with the entered data for the user to update it in our public domain.

Has any one/implementation/distribution had such a requirement before? and if yes has any one/implementation/distribution spiked on this requirement to implement a sort of dashboard listing all html forms and supporting retrieval of the whole form including data entered through it at a given time and re-populating the form?

If none has done the above, what are some recommendations if someone wanted to spike on this, what are some areas of interest one would dare not miss looking into?

Do you mean editing form data? Doesn’t this already happen?

I think editing data already entered is possible outside the form itself, however i want to be able to pull the entered form and load it with previously entered data for updating to be possible, i doubt if this happens by now!!!

Try the encounters tab here:

Thanks @dkayiwa, i think that just renders the report design with default data and not last entered data as of my testing

@k_joseph each encounter was filled by a form. So it depends on which encounter you select. Whatever it is, it will be loaded by the form that was used to submit it. And we have always had this functionality in both htmlformentry and xforms modules.

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i thought encounter.getForm() returns only the raw form and i think am right on this, wondering how then is the encounter observations loaded into the form fields!!! is the above link what does that, i can’t seem to catch that from that instance

Alright, this does what i want in loading the encounter in the form, thanks @dkayiwa :smile:

Hi @k.joseph. How can one populate a new html form with entries from a previous html form. E.g Populate Lab Result Form with previous entries from a Lab Order Form or populate Lab Result Form with previous entries from a Sample Collection Form.

Hi @brightoibe,

Do you mean that when accessing a form in ENTER mode you would like that data entries already recorded through previous encounters are pre-filled where appropriate in the form?

If so I believe the only form engine that comes out of the box with such feature is AMPATH forms.

@achachiez to confirm maybe?

@brightoibe if you are using the htmlform entry module, the lookup tag should populate a new html form with any entry of a previous form. HTML Form Entry Module Reference - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

@brightoibe as @mksd noted Ampath forms does indeed support this, offering you a chance to view historical data and chose whether you want to populate it into the current form, though some provisions will need to be made when consuming the forms library in your application.