HTML Form Entry Checkbox Toggle Question

Hi, I was having an issue with using toggle on a checkbox. I’m trying to have a checkbox labeled other that when chosen creates a text field to specify what other is in this case. The following segmet is what have in my form.

    <table class="baseline-aligned">
            <obs conceptId="concept_id" answerConceptId="other_id" answerCode="module.form.other.label" style="checkbox" toggle="specifyOther" />
    <div id ="specifyOther">
        <table class="baseline-aligned">
            <obs conceptId="specifyOther_id" labelCode="module.form.specifyOther.label" style="textarea" />

Checking and unchecking the other checkbox does not appear to change whether the other text field is displayed. Does anyone have an idea on why this is?

Try putting the toggled obs in the same cell. I think it won’t work when it’s in another table cell — which isn’t ideal.