HTML Form Entry: Bug in version 3.12.0 with potential for data corruption when using obs with "answerDrugs" attribute


Unfortunately, in the 3.12.0 release of the HTML Form Entry module (released on Sept 25th, 2020) a bug was introduced in the Obs tag that has the potential to corrupt data.

This is only an issue if you use the “answerDrugs” attribute on the obs tag, which renders an drug-search autocomplete.

The issue: if you edit an encounter that has this tag/attribute on it with an existing answer, upon resave the drug id is improperly interpreted as a concept id and the results get scrambled.

Full details can be found here:

A fix has been added, and I’m in the process of doing a 3.13.0 release of the module… will confirm here when it is complete.

Take care, Mark

The 3.13.0 release is complete!

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thanks @mogoodrich for the bug fix and the release :+1:

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