How *you* can be a Jira Ninja! (aka - please help review your old tickets!)

Please help our community by reviewing tickets you’ve created or been assigned in RA or TRUNK! The good news is we’ve made it super easy for you - just click this link to automatically see the tickets that apply to you: :point_right: Link Here :point_left:

What to do: Please look for tickets that are no longer relevant, or have been done, and so can be closed. Let us know if you run into permissions issues.

Why this matters: This makes a very big difference for our backlog clean up work! The more people who help clean up old tickets, the closer we’ll be to having a less overwhelming Issue Tracking system, and we can ensure even better availability of tickets ready for work.


(Just make sure you Log-In to Jira, or it will look like there is nothing assigned to you :wink: )


FYI the link had issues and was taking everyone to TRUNK-5829 :woman_facepalming:. Fixed above and better link here.