How would a swagger documentation for a subclass resource look like?

Extending discussion from Swagger Documentations not generated for Resource subclasses., am wondering how Sublcass Resource path and REST operations would look like in a swagger doc!

Well with the little insight I have on this, I think the Subclass paths eg . /v1/order?t=drugorder only support getAll GET operations. Where it will filter out all types of that subclass in Openmrs. However other operations like getWithUUID, CREATE, DELETE, POST, UPDATE are done against the superResource eg.



POST(Add json body)

curl  -X POST /v1/order


In the above screenshot is a swagger tag for 'idgen/identifiersource". IdentifierSource has three subclasses. I think the above doc is enough for the IdentifierPool subclass since it contains all operations. getAll, getWithUUID, DELETE, POST.

I suppose this is the right workflow and this is what am following. Does it make sense anyway?

cc: @dkayiwa, @mogoodrich, @gayanw etc.

Do you have a pull request ready for review?

I added some comments on github.