how to work on an issue

I have just claimed an issue. How to get the code of the person who raised an issue so as to work on it?

Can you share the issue link?

Yeah sure! Here is the link:

@nischalvangipuram So I don’t think you actually need the code of the person who has raised the issue you can find the repository here

You just need to clone it and start working on the issue. Hope you have gone through this

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Thanks for the reply. I have few more doubts:

  1. So did the person who has raised the issue worked on the files which are there in the github link you have mentioned? 2)I have cloned the repo and trying to import the project in eclipse as maven project and says: Connecting Git team provider failed. See log for details. org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException.


  1. The person who has raised the issue must have discovered the issue while doing something with the code repository or while going through the UI. But you don’t really have to bother about that. You must try and figure out the cause and try to fix it.
  2. As far as this error is concerned, you can try importing it as a normal project and then continue. [Hint: Google search would help]

Thank You. That was helpful.

Cant i run the module that i have downloaded from in eclipse using tomcat server? I have imported the repo as general wizard in eclipse and trying to run as -> run on server but run on server is not visible.

You need to place the omod file (after compiling) in modules directory, and then run openmrs-core.

A better workflow, if you’re developing, is to use the openmrs-sdk.