How to view Encounters in Patient dashboard

Hi, Im working on issue Im not understanding how to perform the 5th step mentioned in section E. It says after entering the encounter details you can find it in the recent visits. But i cannot see the Encounter which i have entered listed in there.

I have entered the below encounter

From where i can see the encunter details i have entered above in the dashboard ?

Can someone please help me with this ? Thanks

Did you try to click on any of the visits listed in your second screenshot?

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@dkayiwa Yes i have. This what they look like

What is it that you are not seeing? I can clearly see the encounters displayed on the right bottom portion of the page.

@willa When i add a new Encounter using the form below , i cannot seem to find it.

Can you see the encounter in the legacy UI?


I just examined your screen closely. You wont see the encounter because it does not belong to any of those visits you click. You need to start a visit and fill the form from there. Or choose an existing visit from a list of recent visits then click Actions->[your created form], fill it and go back to the same visit page.

@willa Yes i can


i clicked on a visit

Went inside and selected the from from actions menu.

Filled out the form and clicked Enter form


But i cannot see the Encounter here. any idea what i am missing still ?

Try to do it within an active visit. That is start a new visit and fill the form in it.

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@willa Thanks a lot.!! it works now

@willa thanks for your help,its educating

@willa From what i understood you cannot add an encounter without linking it to a visit and also you cannot add an encounter for past visit. If thats the case shouldn’t we show some kind of warnning / error when trying to do so ?

You can actually. It is just that the UI is not behaving as it should, or at least in my opinion. See this topic I created a while ago addressing the same issue.