How to use the Visit Type?

Hi all,

I would like to implement different possible types of visit such as Outreach visit, Emergency visit… I think the Visit Type would do the job.

This feature is not really in use in the Reference Application: Every new visit is assign to the default AtFacilityVisitType and I can’t find any place where it could be set differently.

Is there any other project that uses Visit Type ?

Quick comment is that the UI is not yet built to support different visit types, and you may run into difficulty using that field if you aren’t prepared to make changes across the UI layer to support it.

The reason for a single visit type of that in PIH’s initial work on Mirebalais hospital:

  1. the registration clerk checking the patient in (i.e. creating the visit) doesn’t know the visit type

  2. They specifically wanted it to be 1 visit if you enter at outpatient but are then admitted as an inpatient (i.e. this shouldn’t be an Outpatient visit + an Inpatient visit)

At the level you are describing (ER vs outreach), these problems don’t seem to apply, and we always intended that Home visit would eventually be a separate visit type (which is why the other is called Facility visit).

What I had started to do more recently with PIH (but didn’t finish) is introduce a Visit Attribute Type for “visit template” which would be captured by the first doctor (or nurse?) to see the patient, and would then control the layout of the visit dashboard (e.g. to have quick links to different forms in order depending on the type of visit).

But I think what you’re talking about is more like Visit Type than this template.

OK thanks. I understand that I need to design a UI to set Visit Type. For now, I will keep it super simple to just let a user assign a visit type to the current visit through a dialog.

One more question, I see another field in use in the reporting UI module: Care Settings. What is this one for, and should it be used in my case, instead of Visit Type ?

Learn more about Care Setting here:

But what you’re describing is a Visit Type, not a Care Setting.

Thank you @darius