How to use Period Indicator Report with Reporting UI - Reference Application

The Reporting UI Module currently accept Report Definition and not Period Indicator Report. I added a define periodic indicator report via app definition - System Administration Manage Apps but it throws back error see the output here … Thanks in advance.

@darius @mogoodrich @dkayiwa

@ggomez, create the reports from legacy and call them up as usual from the UI. I created a couple of period indicator reports recently and they all worked fine.

@jaghatise I was able to get it to render perfectly via the Ref App UI but it leads to another issue. The report render only a single indicator report and throws an error when i create a Composition Query e.g. adding more than one indicator to generate another indicator report. See the output here … Have you previously come across this error?

@ggomez is this the same as? Unable to render Composition Query - Failed to evaluate sub-query