How to use custom name format in registration app.

I am using Bahmni 0.93 on centos 7. In my country, person names are not in given name, family name format. We have only given name and a prefix or honorific. I would like to modify it in registration page. Changing openmrs layout name format from short to long is not working. Can someone please advise me? As a temporary solution, I am entering name in given name and add prefix as an additional attribute. But prefix appearing in different section from name is awkward. I am wondering if openmrs name format layout work in Bahmni.

Did you try this out?

(Section2: Configuration to Enter Patient Name in nonEnglish). You can remove validation for other names and therefore should work.

In my country we use given name, middle name, family name and family name 2. I’ve been investigating and tried with the openmrs name layouts (Customizing Name Layouts - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki). It worked in openmrs but it doesnt reflect on bahmni.

In this case i have tried modifying the property on openmrs but this change doesnt reflect on bahmni. Does someone know if i need to modify some configuration or html file so that the field is shown on registration?

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Hi @alexgrg – I suspect Bahmni doesn’t read the openmrs format property.

Can you provide specific example of how you want the name to look on the UI (and in which fields you will capture the name details)?

Also, which fields/screens on the UI do you want to control this name view (my guess is everywhere where Patient full name is visible) :slight_smile: ?

hi @gsluthra, thanks for your reply!

In the attached image i show how the OpenMRS UI adapts to the format change. I also made a muckup of how i think the name should look in the UI (based on how it looks right now).

As for the screens that should show the extra last name, it’s exactly as you said… everywhere that shows the patient name.