How to update bahmni to latest version ?

is there a way to update bahmni from v0.82 to v0.83 ?

Yes. Take back of all the configuration changes you have @/var/www/bahmni_config (the deployment will override all the local configuration changes made)

  1. yum remove bahmni-installer
  2. yum install
  3. make sure you have proper setup.yml configurations required for your deployment
  4. bahmni -i local install (local is the inventory file. If you have any custom file please use that instead of local)
  5. copy back the configuration folder backed up previously to /var/www/bahmni_config (alternatively you can follow point 3 from the installation steps documented here )

Note: If you are following alternative approach for copying the configuration files mentioned in the documentation link, run step 5 before step 4

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If you are using vagrant box already packaged, then from bahmni-vagrant folder. run vagrant box update vagrant destroy vagrant up

Note: Before this take backup of configuration files at /var/www/bahmni_config and all the databases. After upgrading, restore all the backed up files on top of upgraded version of bahmni.

I followed the above steps to upgrade to .83 on my Centos system dedicated for Bahmni. I was having trouble uploading concepts/sets. Now I could get to the screen and view that reflects my attempts at the upload. Screen shot attached.

The error file does not indicate much - " uuid name description class shortname child.1 child.2 child.3 child.4 child.5 child.6 child.7 child.8 child.9 child.10 child.11 child.12 child.13 reference-term-source reference-term-code reference-term-relationship abcfda05-a865-446d-a9c3-1d6d8fe14d04 Past History Misc Past History Place of Diagnosis Year of diagnosis Investigation used for the confirmation of the diagnosis When was the first fever of filarial fever? When was the last filarial fever? Whether taking DEC routinely? What is the frequency of the drug used ? Weather using diuretics to control oedema? Drug used for for controlling oedema? What is the frequency of the drug used for controlling oedema? Any alternative system tried for filariasis? If Yes null "

Now going back to registration desk etc give another error - wherein Bahmni is not responsive.

How do I get out of this?

Thanks for any help, Ashok

Now OpenMRS comes up with errors -

Thanks, Ashok

PS - Uploading concepts is important to us because we want to be able to mimic the entire production environment in our labs and then use the extracted csv files to setup the production form changes.

Hi ashok,

Please refer to step 4 in documentation below for the error that you are getting in Registration.

Thanks, I did what you suggested. select * from visit where location_id is null; is now coming back as an Empty set. But still getting the error…


Did you tag the location as visit location ?

Thanks, that worked. Since it is a test database, I went ahead and updated the location_tag_map table with visit location_tag_id (3) for all location_ids.

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Can u please let us know how you did it? Did u modify the database??

It can be done from Openmrs or it can by running a sql query. Ideally either login location or parent of login location should be tagged with visit location. 1)Tagging the location as visit location from openmrs, please refer to the following link. 2)By running the migration, for that one has to run the following sql query.

update location_tag_map set location_tag_id = 3(It should be visit location tag id. That id can be find from location_tag table)