How to uninstall and clean up of extisting bahmni ?

Hi Folks, I want to completely uninstall the existing bahmni v 0.92 from my CENTOS and want to do a complete clean up . [Reason after installing radiology related components my openmrs is not working]

Then again I want to do a fresh installation.

Can u please tell me the steps how to uninstall the current bahmni ?

Hello @susant2020,

To completely uninstall the existing bahmni from your centos you need to follow the following steps:

Note: Be aware while using the following steps

  • Run command sudo yum remove bahmni-*

  • Drop the Openmrs, OpenELIS, and ODOO database (For cleaning everything related database).

Now install the Bahmni once again in centos with referring Bahmni wiki