How to transfer Schema design from OpenMRS to InfoPath?

I’m trying to practice with the example in this page: And I managed to design the schema as mentioned. But then it says under the heading “Infopath design”: “In infopath, drag the whole set concept (“Current Medication Order”) onto the form.” How Do I do that? I tried simply dragging the concept from the OpenMRS window to InfoPath but nothing happened.

Update: I chose “XML or schema” when I opened infopath, downloaded schema from openMRS (the extension was .xsd) and loaded it to infopath. It gave me this error message: The XML Schema contains whitespace characters in the following namespace declaration: formentry.infopath_server_url cannot be empty/moduleServlet/formentry/forms/schema/10-null InfoPath does not support namespaces with whitespace.

Going forwards, the recommended module for forms is:

If you do not have time to learn HTML, then you can use:

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I started using XForms module. I designed the same form mentioned above with the XForm designer but at the data entry stage it gave me the following error:


Can i look at the complete stack trace of the error? You could paste it at and give us the paste url.

what do you recommend I do? :grinning:

Which version of the reference application are you using?

Something happened that caused all modules to stop. I had to re start them all again. I apologize