How to sync patients from the server into the Android App?

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We are having troubles connecting with the database from the Android App. We can create a patient in the app and we can see it in the Client Server but if we create a patient in the Client Server we cannot see it in the Android App.

We tried to synchronised patients clicking the “plus button” in the “Search patients screen”, following this documentation (Patient Registration · GitBook) but we cannot see the “plus sign” in our screen (attached picture)

Do you know how can we synchronised patients in the mobile app? We are running the master version of the Android client.

Thank you very much!

Hello, Hope you are doing well, too.

The plus button is the Add Patients button in the menu. It is located in the menu instead of “+” in the title bar as there is no enough screen space to display it next to the title.

Add Patients will open another screen for displaying last viewed patients in the server, but it may be empty because of a bug that has been fixed recently (not merged yet). However, you can search and download any patient from the server by using the search icon.

Thank you very much for the quick response! We could find the patient with the search bar and synchronised that way. Thank you very much!

Do you know when the merge is going to be available for “Add patients” ?! :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome!

Last Viewed Patients functionality fix is currently under-review, it can take some time as there is other work being reviewed.

Thank you very much!

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