How to sync Patient Form from server to EntryForm Android?

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I updated the Patient Form in the Client server following this documentation (Registration App Configuration - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki). I wanted to know how can we sync this changes with the Android App? Or how we can edit the fields in Android’s forms?

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Hello @salahoamro . I wanted to know if you could help us with this? Do you know how we can edit the fields in the Android’s form?

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I haven’t tried this yet, but if you mean Form Entry screen for capturing vitals, I can see that it doesn’t show any forms, currently. Gonna investigate this soon.

If you would like to try to fix it, please raise a JIRA ticket.

Hello @salahoamro . Sorry, I didn’t formulate my question very well!

In the Client Server we did some changes and added some fields in the Registration App Configuration, and we wanted the same changes to be displayed in the Registration of a patient of the Android App.

I just wanted to confirm that we have to do this through the code of the Android App.


As far as I understand what you want, to display different forms for patient registeration you can do it by modifying addeditpatient package in the project and using AddEditPatientFragment’s associated xml file, redesign the UI for your needs.