How to sync additional concept from openmrs to openerp

I’m thinking to sync additional concept from openmrs to openerp (one way). Example:

Patient Type: General / Insurance

I notice in openerp sales order theres a provider field. I want to simulate this way of syncing with my new concept.

My questions:

Does this require changing the atom feed source code? If it does, which code I must modify? I notice there’s both atomfeed client and server for openerp. Also there’s atom feed module for openmrs. I’m not sure which portion I must customize.

Could someone point me the right direction ?

You should check the openerp-atomfeed-service This works as an adapter to the OpenERP for both MRS and ELIS.

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I know its been sometime, but I am facing difficulty on understanding the code. Could you point out where exactly the provider name is being passed on from OpenMRS to OpenERP in the code so that it appears in the Sales Order ?