How to support testing team?


My name is Domenico, as I introduced myself, I work on verification and validation of software systems. I’d like to support the testing/QA team mostly on the UI testing. I read the on-line documentation that it is out of date unfortunately. Therefore, I don’t know exactly how to start. Please can anyone help me? Thank you in advance. Domenico


@domenico welcome to the community! :smile:

As you may have already seen here we have had a QA team where some of the members are now focusing on other things. One of the tasks done by this team has been writing user interface automated tests. We have also had people doing manual testing for areas that we have not yet automated. Do you think you can volunteer to take up a role of leading our QA team? You could start by sharing your past experience and we learn from you, regarding how to improve our QA process. Does this look exciting to you? :slight_smile:

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@domenico, welcome!

In addition to what @dkayiwa said, if you want some hands on experience right away, you can pick up

It needs to be reproduced on and by running UI tests locally. It should give you a good grasp on our UI test setup.

Dear @raff and @dkayiwa,

nice to meet you. In my humble opinion, the best way to jump on board is to be familiar with the process and tools already in place, as @raff suggests. Then I can share my experience with you in a profitable manner.
My “personal” roadmap is: a) to understand the testing framework and process (At least, I need to read b) to understand how OpenMRS works, it is my first time in medical domain. I think that grasping some basic concepts is fruitful for the testing activities as well. c) to have my hands on the issue pointed out by @raff d) Fix other tests and introduce new ones (if it is needed) e) Report my feedback on the process/tools I hope this fits with your needs/expectations. If you know a faster/better way to learn how things work, let me know. Additionally, since I work in my spare time I can devote between 2- 4 hours a week, but I hope to give more. Unfortunately, for my daily job I’m often on a tight schedule. Talk to you, Domenico

Hi guys, I’m trying to get in the project time by time . Regarding the aforementioned issue, I took a look at the comments on the issue tracker and the test history. On 1st December 2016, the test was set to ignored, then there was a discussion on the issue tracker whose last comment is by @dkayiwa who fixed something, but regression tests haven’t been executed. If I’m correct, I should: restore the tests (,, check their local execution report the outcome (I can add a comment on the issue) pull the tests on github (If we are lucky it is just a matter of removing the “ignore” annotation). Right? Thank you

@domenico you are absolutely correct. So go ahead and do that! :slight_smile: