how to solve the error and I'm running ubuntu os , the error is about sdk

Oh sorry! @gerald for the error. Kindly do you mind giving a clear explanation on what you were doing prior to the error, the command you are running and the link to the guide you are following if any?

am setting up the environment and i want to install the sdk, docker and maven

that’s where i had reached in that section of setting up the environment

Kindly the error is on which installation and which command were you running?

Set Up OpenMRS Server with OpenMRS SDK and Docker - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki, that,s what was following , open that link it has the commands i was following

if u open that link have just shared with you, i expressed that error at option ,7.To choose MySQL installation method, select 2

Am sorry for a bother! Its always good to follow closely to know the command(s) you are running and confirm if the output is the same as the one in the guide. Kindly copy the entire error log in your terminal and share it using pastebin.

I have pasted it there

have you tryed to check if you successfully installed docker and it running

  1. [ERROR] Could not connect to Docker at unix:///var/run/docker.sock.

  2. [ERROR]

  3. [ERROR] If the Docker host URL is not correct, please reset it by running setup with the -DdockerHost parameter

  4. [ERROR] or set it manually by adding -DdockerHost=“tcp://correct/url”: com.sun.jna.LastErrorException: [13] Permission denied

Hello, sorry if am late but its very good to first update your linux operating system before trying to install.

According to your logs, it might be a network issue, try ensuring a good network connection

But according to your progress, you can run a “apt-get update” or full os update

I installed it , let me first run it and see if it works

alright then cool