How to show Form Observation value in Diagnosis Screen in Bahmni?

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How can i create an OpenMRS concept that saves data from another concept? For instance, the consultant note concept saves data from Observation concept, Diagnose Concept etc.

I want the Diagnose Concept to save data from Observation so that the doctor will not have to go back to Observation Tab to see what he filled in but will see the summary of the History and Examination above the Diagnose, Also the Order Concept will also save the data of Observation and Diagnose.

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As far as I know - this isn’t possible out of the box. It will require a code change in Bahmni to be able to show form entered observations in the diagnosis screen.

Maybe someone else can also help clarify my statement above.

You are right @gsluthra. Showing all the information on every page might not be a good use case. Dashboard is the only page where one can see all the filled in information.

Hi @sravanthi17 ,

i’m wondering what i want to display information captured on one observation form in a label in other observation form?

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unfortunately not at this point. With the new Forms 2.0, we have a requested feature to show latest of any value. This is not done yet.

Thank you for your quick response.

do you mind if i can ask you to help me with one work around of my issue on populate data from one form to another?? it is in the groovy file

@angshuonline my issue is,

i want to auto-calculate total surgical time spend from surgical time in and surgical time out and these fields are datetime. I tried to follow the same auto-calculate done in bahmni for BMI but i don’t know why it doesn’t show the auto-calculated value. i also tried to use this approach for debugging Debug groovy file but it doesn’t debug.

see my groovy file code here: my groovy file, Kindly help

Thank you.