How to setup OpenMRS Reference App

How to setup up OpenMRS Reference App on desktop? Can one make a server from OpenMRS-SDK and set the distribution there or download the OpenMRS Reference App StandAlone version. Also how does one install modules and OWA after installation of Reference App?

Can this link be of help?

Hello @bisht13 if you read this document I believe it will answer all your questions

Thank you @irenyak1 @jwnasambu :smiley:

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Hi Irenyak- Is docker image already built for openMRs? I need help for building docker image and also find right version for production. May i know what is the right version i can use for production.

Thanks Prapa

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Hi dkayiwa, Thanks for the reply. may I know the last stable version for production. Thanks Prapa

The last stable version of OpenMRS Reference App was 2.8.0 @prapakaran :smile: