How to setup Netbeans IDE

i am using Netbeans IDE but i am having trouble in setting it up for development for openMRS. I have been using the installation guides on OpenMRS Wiki but the screenshots aren’t clear. Can some one help me…??

What are your computer specifications

I am using windows 10

you are failing from which step?

The screenshots in the website i found were not clear so i havent competed any step.

Why dont you use eclipse ide since most of the developers are using eclipse, I would advise you get familiar with eclipse than netbeans ,though where have you got blocked in your setup

You are hardware specifications like RAM and processor size and speed

Let try to install eclipse and try to use it

processor speed: 2.00GHz RAM: 2.00GHz system type: 64-bit Operating System

Well, I am able to clearly see the screenshots by double clicking them on chrome, give it a try, it may work for you.

And do ask for any help if needed!

cheers! :smile:

Ooooohhhhh…! I had not tried that out. Thanks :joy::joy:

Welcome! :smiley: