how to set up openmrs 2.x on h2 database

hello devs,

Am working on this issue but am getting a challenge when it comes to running OpenMRS 2.x on H2 database where by in the sdk there is a section talking about how to " Setup OpenMRS Platform 1.11.5 on H2 database ", i modified the command to mvn openmrs-sdk:setup -DserverId=RA- 2 - 9 - 0 -Ddistro=referenceapplication= 2.9 . 0 -DdbDriver=h2 in order to run reference app 2.9.0 on h2 database but am getting this error. requesting for some assistance,thanks

@raff @dkayiwa @ruhanga @mogoodrich

The platform i believe can comfortably run on H2. In the Reff app , there are some modules that cant , you just need to identify the modules that dont and concetrate on those ones

very true @mozzy tho my blocker is getting the Reff app to run on H2 database so that i can identify the defiant modules and fix them