How to run UI Commons JavaScript tests


I need to make tests for the navigatorModels.js file in UI Commons here. How do you run these tests. There is no indication in the file, or any of the directories in the entire repository of how you would run JavaScript (not Java) tests, and I cannot find any solid answer on Talk or through google. Can anyone help.

The tests are written in Jasmine. They are run as part of the maven build, in the “test” step of the lifecycle, by this plugin:

If you want to run only those tests, and be able to re-run them quickly (e.g. you’re debugging or writing more tests) you can go to the omod folder, and then do mvn jasmine:bdd. You then open a browser window to the url it tells you.

(@mahovsven Please help us put these instructions in the right place, e.g. at least in the of the module, but maybe somewhere else that you would have looked! Can you send a pull request with this, or edit a wiki page, or something?)

Thank you! I have confirmed this works.

To answer your second question, yes I can! I am working with some people to update the Developer GitBook for the OWA, and this will be very helpful. We can make sure to include documentation about how to run these tests.