How to restrict certain private paying patients in Bahmni

I am facing a problem on BAHMNI implementation.

How can we restrict private paying patients from getting service before paying money?

This means the following:

  1. Patient that has been started visit by the receptionist should not appear on the doctor’s dashboard before paying consultation fees.
  2. Patient that has been sent laboratory for lab examination by the doctor, his name should not appear on OpenELIS for collecting sample before paying specific lab examination fee.
  3. Patient that has been prescribed medicine, pharmacist should not be able to dispense medicine unless bill is paid.

Is there such a feature / configuration in Bahmni? Can this be done?

(posted on behalf of a community member)

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I just wanted to say that, while I’m sure there are many straightforward software ways to accomplish this, you should be careful of the workflow you are forcing. Even where payment is required, there can be many situations where the patient doesn’t have the money right at the moment, or there is a waiver of the fee, or the test needed is a continuation from a previously scheduled test that was already paid for, etc., etc.

I would guess you might want to design in such a way that any needed payment is posted in a financial data structure, and flexible rules can be established based on the status of that payment, rather than a hardcoded “no test without full payment” rule. The status could be things like: requested, fully paid, partially paid, waived, pending, and so on. Then, if desired, the test could still be conducted or the patient can still have a visit if the status is fully paid or waived or pending, for example.


One solution would be patient search lists. Patient search queues/lists are configurable. Based on the requirement, one can configure their own query. Refer Documentation for more info on this.

We don’t have this. But isn’t this solved in process. Let the patient show the print out of the bill to the providers in order to avail the services.