How to restore ignored tests

Hi guys,

We have some User Acceptance Tests like ContactInfo which are ignored but when executed locally have no failure. Unfortunately the ignore annotation has no comment explaining why they have been excluded. For the specific case of ContactInfo test, we have a pretty old issue which say something about its exclusion. Time has gone since then, hence I think it would be nice to give a try to the test on SauceLab (locally we have no problem). Can I just pull a request (as we usually we do) and see what will it happen on saucelab or should we avoid to re-enable ignored tests? Thank you in advance

Feel free to try ignore it and see what happens. If it fails, you could eventually look into fixing it. :smile:

ok :slight_smile:

If you’re specifically looking at improving test coverage, it would definitely be worth looking into whether we can restore the tests that were ignored in this commit. @raff might remember why that was done happened, or you could look for talk messages around that date.

ok @darius, I’ve already verified that some of them work locally. I’ll reactivate them one by one and see what happens